According to Report Girls’ Gains Have Not Cost Boys

Tamar Lewin, Girls Gains Have Not Cost Boys Report Says, N.Y. Times, May 20, 2008, at A17.
Tamar Lewin indicates that although girls have graduated from high-school and college at a higher rate than boys in the recent years, that there is a far bigger disparity seen along racial, ethnic, and income lines, than for gender. Lewin cites statistics showing that white boys perform better on the Standard Admissions Tests (SAT) than girls, even low-income boys usually score better on the verbal than the girls; the gender gap for black students is not consistent. Controlling for race, therefore, shows a much more complex picture of achievement. Lewin indicates that men are tending to outperform women in workplace learning, and suggests that the learning crisis may not be gender based, but rather race and income based.

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