Alternative Schools Must Fight to Stay Alive Due To Tight Budgets

Larry Abramson, Innovative Trends in High School; Alternative ‘Commie’ High Mellows with Time, NPR, June 9, 2008.
Alternative High schools serve a unique population of students and often, due to budgeting issues, do not survive for very long.  However, Community High School is different in that their progressive program has been serving as the alternative high school community since 1972.  The school is popular among both students and faculty.  Students can only be admitted through a lottery and the jobs at Community are the most sought after in the school system.  Despite its popularity, Ann Arbor has decided to build a new high school, opting for a traditional bigger school that will serve 1,600.  The perception that remains is that bigger is still cheaper.  Therefore, economically speaking, alternative high schools must still fight to stay alive.

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