School Devoted to Traditional Teaching Values

Larry Abramson, Innovative Trends in High school: School Devoted to Traditional Teaching Values, NPR, June 9, 2008.
The Classic Academy is a K-12 Charter school in Colorado Springs created by affluent Christian parents. The program is close knit and the curriculum is based on an ancient series of steps known as “The Trivium”.  The first step is learning the grammar of the subject and the second is logic.  Students learn to support their conclusions with facts and eventually reach the rhetoric step when they can think and argue on their own.  This program also emphasizes family values and good behavior, which can lead to administrative naïveté.  Fusion, a spiritual retreat conducted by an off campus club, addresses some problems common among high school students, such as teenage drinking.  While this is completely separate from the faculty, it does reflect the core belief system of the founding members of the school as well as most of the students.

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