Thousands of Minnesota Families Shifting to Charter Schools

Joe Nathan, Thousands of Minnesota Families Shifting to Charter Schools, Center For School Change (2008), (last visited November 18, 2008)
Many families in Minnesota in urban, suburban, and rural areas are sending their children to charter schools instead of regular district schools. Most students are still in the district schools, but the number of students switching to charter schools is rising. There were 4915 ten years ago, but now there are over 28,000. There are four main things that parents and students pointed out in surveys. First, charter schools are smaller. Second, they have more individualized and/or personalized programs. Third, there may be special features or programs, like language emersion or arts focus. Fourth, there is a respect for collaboration between the parents and the teachers. Nathan says that we should look at the best that all public schools including charter school are doing. He also thinks when looking at charter schools academic achievement that we take into consideration that charter school often have higher populations of low income and minority students.

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