Online Law School

West Coast School of Law Online (last visited Nov. 11, 2008).
West Coast Law School, and the University of Phoenix have on-line degree programs that allow students to earn a degree over the Internet. West Coast School of Law differs from other traditional law schools in that they require no classroom attendance.  All courses of study are of a self-study nature by correspondence.   However, students use the same course books that are used at traditional residence law schools throughout the country.

About the University of Phoenix (last visited Nov. 11, 2008).
The University of Phoenix provides its students with two different options of online learning:  1) Pursue an education entirely via the internet though the Online Campus, or 2) Pursue an education in a combination approach—attending portions of their classes online and in a traditional classroom environment through the local campuses.

ABA accreditation standards are loosening to embrace such programs.  2007–2008 ABA STANDARDS
Distance Education . . .  (d) A law school shall not grant a student more than four credit hours in any term, nor more than a total of 12 credit hours, toward the J.D. degree for courses qualifying under this Standard.  (e) No student shall enroll in courses qualifying for credit under this Standard until that student has completed instruction equivalent to 28 credit hours toward the J.D. degree.  (f) No credit otherwise may be given toward the J.D. degree for any distance education course. At Standard 306(d)–(f).

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