Working to Strengthen the Connection between Public Schools and Higher Education

Executive Summary: Diplomas Count 2008: School to College, Can State P-16 Councils Ease the Transition, Education Week (2008), (last visited November 18, 2008)..
In recent years, many states have formed “P-16” or “P-20” councils to bridge the gap between pre-collegiate and higher education.  The primary purpose of these groups is to strengthen ties between schools and post-secondary education, thus allowing more students to complete their educational goals.  Education Week examined whether these groups can help students in this year’s edition of Diplomas Count.  Analysis conducted for Diplomas Count by the EPA Research Center show disparities between states reported graduation rates resulting in the U.S. Department of Education’s proposal for a uniform reporting system.  Currently, P-16 Councils and variations of these groups are the most popular and effective means of strengthening the connections between public schools and higher education.

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