High Level Self-Reflection Skills for Law Students

Expert Learning for Law Students, Michael Hunter Schwartz, 2d ed. 2008.

The author says that research from medical education, graduate statistics education, undergraduate and even K-12 education shows that not only do expert learning skills predict student outcomes, but that novice law students can be taught to be expert learners.  Legal education had not embraced this research until recently.  His singular message to law students who read this book is “you can be an expert learner of the law.”  The first part of the book explains how to perform different aspects of expert learning, high-level self-reflection skills, and gain expertise in identifying the student’s own learning preference.  The author strongly emphasizes the student personalizing learning strategies.  Part two focuses on specific learning strategies needed by new law students.  Additional materials on time and stress management and color as a memorization tool have been included.  Reflection questions are listed at the end of the chapters.

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