A History of United States Legal Education

Katcher, Susan, Legal Training in the United States: A Brief History, Wisconsin International Law Review (Winter, 2006)

Supplies the reader with a concise article on the history of America’s legal education, beginning in early English settlements and continuing into today’s legal institutions.  This article provides information on the roles of the American Bar Association, and C.C. Langdell in redefining the practice of law from a trade skill into a science.  It examines the once prominent apprenticeship feature of legal education – which many 19th century schools believed to be a more efficient means of legal training. In years since case method was introduced and adopted widely, the concept of an apprenticeship fell sharply until recently.  As schools struggle with providing more effective, skills-based legal education, many are reexamining the perhaps inherent wisdom in providing students with real-life experiences.

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