Research: Learning Through Game Playing

Jason Stitt & Les Chappell, Games that Make Leaders:  Top Researchers on the Rise of Play in Business and Education, Jan. 20, 2005, (last visited Apr. 2, 2009).

Three University of Wisconsin-Madison professors are among the top researchers in the area of learning-through-game-playing, and noted several advantages of games over traditional teaching tools. Video games allow players to step into new personas and explore alternatives so they can try to solve problems they have not mastered, receive immediate feedback on the consequences, and try again.  The ability to explore immediately makes games more engaging than textbooks or lectures because it allows students to perform before reaching a level of competency.  Since games keep things “pleasantly frustrating,” players are motivated to improve their performance.  Games have been developed to train firefighters and health care workers on how to react in relevant situations.

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