Solutions to the High Cost of Legal Education

Morrisey, Daniel, Saving Legal Education, Journal of Legal Education (June, 2006)

This article addresses the current crisis the legal education community faces as tuition costs continue to skyrocket and students are placing themselves in financial jeopardy by borrowing heavily.  It highlights the terrific burden students are faced when they leave school loaded with debt and unable to find jobs which support a living wage; specifically those already disadvantaged prior to entering law school.

The author, Daniel Morrissey, describes the transformation of legal education from vocational to academically rigorous.  Legal education is housed within increasingly more elaborate schools and clinics.  Morrisey argues this change has created the ever-escalating tuition predicament and describes a number of solutions schools can act upon.  These solutions include creating a more equal tuition rate for all students, advocating financial responsibility, speaking candidly with prospective students on the cost of learning, and teaching in more untraditional settings.

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