Human Capital: University Science Expansion

Ronald Bosrock, Minnesota Must Act Now, Or Be Left Behind: ‘State Building’ Has To Become A Priority, Star Tribune, May 26, 2008, at D8.

Just as Thomas Friedman reminded readers in the New York Times that nation building must become a priority, so must “state building.” MN has to prepare to invest in human capital, such as advanced retraining for employees that have lost jobs to outsourcing, encourage state universities/colleges to continue to develop its science, business, and education sectors, and continue to develop the physical infrastructure of the state. As Bosrock states, “Minnesotans should take several steps to ensure that we have the same quality of life, skills, and key conditions required to be a knowledgeable leader.” University of Minnesota is taking a step in the right direction by expanding its medical research campus, with space to support the research efforts of 800 scientists.

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