Students and Teachers Collaboration With Community

Anthony Cody, Education Reform: Why Don’t We Begin with the End in Mind, Education Week (Nov. 2008).

Anthony Cody is suggesting that we focus on creating better schools through conceptualizing a macro-view of the kind of schools we hope to build, and how we might be able to get there. For Cody standardized tests are just one measure, the whole development of the child should be the focus, and various measures should be used. He also encourages student’s engagement with communities through various projects, believing students will learn more through connecting to the communities they live in. Cody thinks that schools are better when teachers are more collaborative and empowered, and working in an atmosphere of mentorship and trust. The way to do this is to map out what a good school would look like, and focus on becoming a better school with partnerships between the old and new teachers. He also suggests creating partnerships between teachers and others in the communities they serve, with a focus on meaningful learning for the students at each school (for example work/study type programs for the students in the community).

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