MiFi for Business or Families?

Saul Hansell, Mobile Internet Hot Spots: Hot or Not?, N.Y.T., Aug. 5, 2009, available at http://bits.blogs.nytimes.com/2009/08/04/mobile-internet-hotspots-hot-or-not/?th&emc=th.

Your next cellphone may be without a microphone, keyboard, or screen.  An increasing number of customers are going to use mobile hot spots (MiFi) which are tiny devices that connect any nearby gadget equipped with Wi-Fi to the Internet, using a cellular data network.  Your iTouch, MP3 player, netbook, PC, BlackBerry or other device and use WiFi to connect to the mobile hot spot to connect to the mobile hot spot to connect to Sprint Nextel’s 3G network or Verizon.  You do not need a separate bill for every device, however the bill won’t be small.  Therefore, business rather than families seem to be the major market for MiFi.  These gadgets fit in purse or briefcase so travelers can surf on the road.

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