Hands-on Experience, Public Service at New School-UCI LAW


UCI Law is the first new public law school in California in 40 years. It opened in August of 2009.  The goal of the school is to provide innovative curriculum which emphasizes hands-on experience and public service as well as the theory and substance of law.  Like other law schools, UCI will teach contracts and torts. But first-year students will be required to put these lessons into practice by doing intake interviews for the Legal Aid Society of Orange County and the local public defender’s office.  There is also a required course on nuts-and-bolts investigation and interview techniques, skills most newly minted attorneys learn on the job.

With a $20-million donation, UCI was able to provide full scholarships to its entire inaugural class of 61 students. The offer led to a flood of applicants — unusual for an untested school in a profession in which pedigree counts. That allowed UCI to be highly selective in admissions, with a median student LSAT score of 167.  Top rated faculty was attracted by the opportunity to be part of this innovative program.  The complete article can be viewed at:

Published Aug. 21, 2009

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