Has the Recession Forever Changed Large Law Firms?

Tamara Loomis; Has the Recession Forever Changed Large Law Firms?; The American Lawyer; October 6, 2009; http://www.law.com/jsp/law/careercenter/lawArticleCareerCenter.jsp?id=1202434302753

The economic downturn may have forever changed the traditional law firm and the way they hire and train new professionals. Law firm leaders say that the recession and events leading up to it have permanently changed the way business is done in the legal industry. The recent boom is over and a new era of cost-efficiency and penny-pinching is approaching.

This will and has already changed the way new professionals are hired and trained. The traditional on-campus interviewing model where employers talk about sports and small-talk is over. Beyond making the right impression, students now need to be armed with certain skills. The most sought-after students seem to be those with a joint J.D./MBA degree or some other specialized, outside work experience. And once hired, students likely will be trained in a much more aggressive manner. Firms are asking summer associates and first-years associates to take part in apprentice programs, go to classes, work on pro bono projects and shadow partners at depositions, court appearances, client meetings and the like.

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