The Number of International Students on Minnesota (& U.S.) Campuses is the Highest Ever, and it’s No Accident

Jenna Ross, Students on Minnesota (& U.S.) Campuses is the Highest Ever, and it’s No Accident, Star Tribune, November 16, 2009; available at

Colleges in Minnesota and around the United States are more international than ever. A recent report shoes that the number of international students has increased 8 percent nationally and 9.7 percent in the state in the last year alone. There has been an upward trend in the nation since 2001. The increase in numbers is no accident recruiting abroad has been at an all-time high, and studies show that in order to get international students to move to the U.S. for education, recruiting efforts must be strong. International students also come to the U.S. because the nation offers a more innovative approach to education, such as a liberal arts education, where other countries empahasize a technical degree that trains students for a particular profession. Aaron Colhapp, director of Macalester’s International Student Program (Macalester ranks 13th in the nation for the highest numer international students for schools offering baacalaureate degrees) suggests that international diversity is not only important in an increasingly global world, but also because “[t]hey ask different questions in the classroom. They’ll have different answers. Or maybe . . . they’ll go about it completely differently.”

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