Leadership Development as a Component of Legal Education

Available at: http://www.elon.edu/e-net/Note.aspx?id=943420&type=atom&departments=62&max=50&h=law%2fheader&css=%2flaw%2fNoteCMS.css&s=law%2fmain_navigation

Elon Law dean George Johnson, Jr. feels that the legal profession must contribute to the common good, as it has done historically, through leadership endeavors within the profession and in civic life. Johnson’s editorial, “Building a New Generation of Lawyer Leaders” was recently published in The Triad Business Journal’s “Business of Law” supplement. Johnson writes,”Amid business and corporate scandals, political gridlock, a struggling economy, unprecedented levels of unemployment, and ever more coursening debates in the public square, honest and principled leaders of integrity appear to be in short supply.”

Elon Law has recently designed a program of legal education that emphasizes leadership development, taught over the entire program of legal studies, including mentoring and coaching programs, direct work with nonprofit programs and year-long capstone leadership projects.

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