Innovative Advanced Advocacy at LSU Law Center

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The Law Center at LSU offers an innovative approach to teaching Advanced Appellate Advocacy by inviting lawyers with intellectually challenging appeals pending in court to add “live cases” to the curriculum. “Inviting real lawyers with real cases pending in appellate courts to rehash the record or rehearse the argument is good for the Bar and a “best practice” for appellate advocacy instruction,” claims Paul R. Baier, Professor of Law, who introduced this novel approach thirty years ago.

This Advanced Appellate Advocacy Seminary, dubbed the “Triple A” seminar, nurtures what a recent report of the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching calls “pedagogies of practice and professionalism that enable student to shift from the role of students to that of apprentice professionals,” and answers the call for skills instruction in the law schools.

Certiorari practice is a specialty of the seminar, and under the supervision of Professor Baier, students have drafted final versions petitions for certiorari.Professor Baier maintains that “framing the question presented is an art form, cutting a diamond f you will.” Whether certiorari are denied or accepted matters little to the outcome of the seminar. No matter the outcome of the petition, learning is deep for all participants in the seminar, both students and lawyers alike.

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