The Oyez Project – Adding the Human Voice to Our Pedagogy

More information about the Oyez Project is available at:

Paul R. Baier,George M. Armstrong, Jr., Professor of Law, Paul M. Hebert Law Center, Louisiana State University, has been using Supreme Court tapes in teaching for some twenty-five years to enrich the process of learning in law schools. “There is a vital place, I submit, for the Supreme Court tapes–for the legal clinic of the Court–in the professional development of our law students,” claims Professor Baier.

From Christopher Columbus Landgell’s assertion that “the law is a science: . . . all the available materials of that science are contained in printed books,” in 1886, to the opportunities now afforded by technology, the opportunities for enriching the legal classroom experience are richer than ever before. Thanks to the Oyez Project, we are beyond Langdell’s black ink, and are able to model professional performance in our law schools by example of actual argument in the Supreme  Court of the United States. The Oyez Project nurtures what a recent Carnegie report calls “an apprenticeship of professional identity.”

“Beyond the obvious use of the tapes to sharpen advocacy skills, the Oyez Project is a doctrinal tool of extraordinary vitality in class,” according to Professor Baier.

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