How to Study in College

Available at:

The How to Study web site includes the following links to ensure success in college:

How to Study Model – You mean it’s not just reading the textbook? See definitions and what the studying process is from going to class to getting an A on the test.

Resources – Here’s where all the stuff is, both study skills and how to study sections. How to write has been added to the how to study section under each discipline area. Be sure to read what other college students are saying. Just click on the book next to the handout.

Be the first from your college to be published here. All you have to do is to write a comment about how a study skills handout was helpful. Or you could add some handy tips of your own.

Feedback – let us know what you think. If you have a great website to share, let us know here.

Find – search for a specific study skill here.

Credits – here’s a list of the people and sponsors who make this site possible and a partial list of all the schools and colleges who have already linked to this site.

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