The Pitch: Engaged Minds Makes Software to Help Keep Students in School

Lynette Cornell, Engaged Minds Makes Software to Help Keep Students in School, The Journal of New England Technology, June 15, 2010, available at

In the company’s own words: “Engaged Minds provides a SaaS solution to education institutions (school districts and colleges/universities). The solution reduces student drop-outs by automating all steps from identifying at-risk students, triggering support interventions, completion tracking and outcome measurement. The solution is in production and proven to be effective. The solution leads to immediate revenue gains far in excess of its cost.”

Background: Engaged Minds was founded in 2007. By the middle of 2009, the company had completed a hosted solution that they sold to launch customers in higher education. They showed the product to people at the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, who urged them to provide the same service to K-12 districts. They are currently in discussions with school districts to launch the product in the K-12 market for the coming academic year.

How it works: Schools pay a subscription fee to use the software, which automates the process of identifying at-risk students based on district-defined thresholds, alerts the person responsible for responding to the issue and tracks each completed intervention and ensures that deadlines have been met. The software integrates with existing student information systems and creates longitudinal records to track students as they transition between grades.

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