SpaceEd Launches Innovative Learning Technology Licensed from Harvard University

Press release available at:

Cambridge, MA, July 7, 2009 – Spaced Education, Inc. has signed an exclusive license agreement with Harvard University for a new learning technology that was developed and used at Harvard Medical School.

The method, called Spaced Education, was developed by Dr. B. Price Kerfoot, Associate Professor of Surgery at Harvard Medical School. It utilizes a simple question and answer format, delivered in short daily bursts to the learner and backed by a proprietary algorithm that adapts the content based on how an individual performs.

“Our early studies showed that traditional online learning generates only limited long-term retention of knowledge and is poorly accepted by learners,” said Dr. Kerfoot. “To address these problems, we incorporated two research findings from the field of psychology (the spacing effect and the testing effect) into a new method of online learning based on a question and answer format.”

Spaced Education, Inc. has developed and launched the online service and website SpacedEd (, which puts this learning technology at the core of a social learning community. Learners can sign up for a wide range of courses, many for free, and receive their courses in a simple question and answer format, delivered on a regular schedule via email, the web, or a mobile device.

The company will market its software as a service (SaaS) solution to individuals, educational institutions, course providers and enterprises that want to offer courses based on the Spaced Education methodology.

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