Notre Dame Debuts ‘eCourse’ Using the Apple iPad

Available at:

Students were completely surprised to pick up their course materials for Professor Corey Angst’s Project Management class this fall, to find out that instead of textbooks, they were handed a new Apple iPad. Professor Corey Angst is helping the University of Notre Dame determine whether students feel an iPad is useful as a source of course material for his Project Management Class. Not only does he want students to use the iPad for online discussion groups, but for experimentation, downloading applications, and synching with their own personal iTunes accounts – all in the name of research.

Professor Angst is part of Notre Dame’s ePublishing Working Group, comprised of representatives from a broad array of colleges and departments on campus who are evaluating the creation, distribution, consumption, and usefulness of electronic course materials drawn from textbooks, journal articles, and web-based reading assignments. The hope is that Notre Dame will be able to create an “ePublishing ecosystem” that serves faculty, students and staff by making the creation, distribution, sharing, reading, and annotation of ‘eMaterials” simple and inexpensive.

Professor Angst expects the students will rely on the iPads to develop creative ways of collaborating with their teammates. “They can share documents, timelines and to-do lists, and show sketches to their clients. The possibilities are endless.”

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