Law Schools Get Serious About Globalization

Karen Sloan, Law Schools Get Serious About Globalization,, Nov. 30, 2010,

Many law schools recognize that the profession has gone global and that young lawyers need more than just a solid foundation of U.S. law. They are starting to move beyond theoretical discussions of globalization to focus on the real-world skills students need to succeed in that environment. That transition is still in the early stages.

Nearly 130 of the 200 American Bar Association-approved law schools already offer ABA-sanctioned programs in foreign countries during breaks in the regular school year, and now the organization is weighing whether to offer accreditation to overseas law schools. At least two relatively new foreign law schools — Jindal Global Law School near Delhi, India, and Peking University School of Transnational Law — have announced plans to seek accreditation should the ABA move forward with that initiative.

“I think we’re doing better than we did even a decade ago,” said University of Michigan Law School Professor Vikram aditya Khanna. “I think in some respects the need to do more is quite pressing, but what we’re doing right now are good first steps.”




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